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    I am about to purchase a treo 300 and would like to know if I need treo mail to access my pop3 email. Also if anyone can help tell me if I will be receiving this mail seperately on my pc or can I just get it through synchronization
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    You don't need to have treomail to access your pop3 e-mail, it is just one of many options out there for you. All of the different apps tend to have their pros and cons and you will need to decide which serves your best needs.
    If you use treomail internet edition, it does not sync with your desktop. You can get your email directly thru the treomail servers and your treo via wireless sync, which will pole your pop3 server for new emails and can also send you new email alert notifications as well.
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    Even tho I use TreoMail (to access my Outlook/Exchange mail), I think in your situation, I'd recommend Eudora Mail for the Palm. It's free and is great for pop mail access....
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    If Treomail (which I'm now auditioning) doesn't synch with your desktop (in my case, Outlook Express), do you need to also use Palm mail, Eudora, or whatever to keep track of desktop messages? Or am I missing something?

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    ditto the above. I'm trying to figure out how to access *any* of my accounts while on the Treo, without hotsyncing. I want "wireless"!

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