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    are there any SMS services that will send me a notification if an SMS msg was not delivered? I am using the 270 on T-Mobile here in Chicago.

    I sent a bunch of SMS msgs to friends on other systems (in the US & Europe) a number of them tell me that they never got the msgs.

    Why cant T-Mobile send me a msg that the SMS was not deliverable?

    may be voice companies still dont understand data
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    I am using Vodafone D2 in Germany. It allows you to start your SMS with


    This triggers Vodafone's SMS gateway to send you an SMS if and why or why not the receiver has received the SMS.

    If it wasn't delivered at the first approach, you will get another notification if and when the SMS has been delivered.

    A nice and convenient feature, which definitely has some privacy issues to be discussed...

    Maybe T-Mobile offers a similar trigger like the *N# one in the US for its GSM net?

    Bye, Marcus
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    very interesting.

    I tried this by sending a msg to myself on TMobile here in Chicago. I get a Send Error msg that says "The SMS network is not responding now, or the message center number is invalid".

    I removed the *N# and the message went thru flawlessly.

    Seems like TMobile in Chicago doesnt support *N#.

    thx anyway.
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    I frequently get that message as well, and I never bother prefixing my messages with the #N. However, I have discovered that although I get the message ("The SMS network is not responding now, or the message center number is invalid") the message goes through eventually, without my attempting to resend it. That message may be what people are looking for when they want to put the #N in, but then it would be nice to get another message saying that the message has been successfully sent. Since it seems to be a matter of seconds between the error message, and the delivery of the message, it can be more of an annoyance than anything this way.

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