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    Help ... I have purchased Ringo and have tried to load the new poly ringtones with no luck. When I try to use ringo to use two free poly file (Rocky & Beverly Hills Cop) I get a message that the file is two large and may make the treo unstable which is does and causes the treo to perform a soft reset. What am I doing wrong ..... thanks ......bob
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    there are a number of threads on this board about this problem. most of the current tones are almost the full songs and are too long to use as ringtones., who makes the only set of polyphonic tones for the 300 that i know of, is aware of the problem and emailed me a couple of revised tones (presumably to some other registered users as well) about 10 days ago to test, and they work better.

    i had sent them several emails saying that what we need is selected PARTS of some songs that are appropriate for ringtones. whole songs have too many soft sections that you can't hear anyway.

    right now my phone rings to the 'get smart' theme for known callers and alfred hitchcock for unknowns. these and several others from the collection work fine.

    anyway, search under 'polyphonic ringtones' here and you can read more. its not you or your phone...
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    I've had the same problem.
    I just now emailed them ( with the following questions:
    1. Why are you still selling the ringtones when you know they don't work?
    2. Why haven't you contacted the people who paid for your product offering the revised ringtones you have offered to others?
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    just to make it clear, they have offered all of the ringtones to every registered user. probably because i was one of the ones who emailed them a few times with suggestions for improvement, when they tried 2 (and only two, as far as i am aware) revised tones, they probably just sent them to a few people to be sure the corrections were valid.

    i am quite certain they are working on correcting all the tones, as well as coming up with others, and will then make them available to all registered users.

    give them a break, this is new to everybody. if it were easy to make treo 300 ringtones, they would be widely available. obviously there are a few wheels that are being re-invented here and is working on them.

    on the other hand, since the last collection added was 35 state anthems (??!!) someone in one of the other threads on this subject suggested that the next group might work but is likely to be bulgarian folk melodies
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.

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