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    On closing my lid/ cover my Treo does not hang itself up like it used to. Anybody having this same problem or anyone have a fix to it maybe a little adjustment somewhere???

    Oh and why do I find myself posting nothing but Treo problems in here. Its a GREAT product but Im in's a piece of -----.
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    I am having a similar problem on my 180. It ignores the lid about half the time, and also doesn't always timeout and turn off. When I close the lid after a call, it just keep displaying the hangup/speaker/etc. buttons for a while, until it hangs up because the other party has disconnected, then it will stay on, on the phone app, forever. It also occasionaly wont shut off on other apps when I close the lid and I have to re-open and shut the lid, or push the power button.

    Oh and about Treo quality- you're right. While Palm and Sony owners post on about how great their machines are and how they will overtake the world and put Microsoft out of business, etc., we just post and surf newsgroups trying to get our Treos to work the way we know they are supposed to...
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    I am so embarassed with the treo. People even make fun of me for spending so much money on a flawed product. I feel like such an *****! My Mom bought the Motorola C333 and I hate to admit, I was jealous of it!

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