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    I just got my Treo 300 and new Sprint PCS service two days ago. I love the device so far, but have one "little" problem...

    I have a lot of trouble getting connected and staying connected to the net. The phone side of things works great, but probably 4 out of 5 attempts to connect to Vision (from Blazer, Network Preferences, etc.) result in the message "Connecting to Sprint-xxxxx" appearing for a few seconds, followed by "Cancelling...", and no connection.

    When it does connect, it will often only stay connected for 20-30 seconds, then I will get a "Connection Error" message indicating that the connection has been lost. I'll then have to try another 5 or 6 times to get connected again.

    The problem comes and goes, and does not seem to be particularly related to location or signal strength (at least as indicated by the onscreen meter... It will often be at 3-4 bars when I can't get connected at all).

    Have others seen these same symptoms before, and are they likely caused by problems with my individual Treo, bad coverage in my area, problems with Sprint's network, or what? I've seen the recent posts about connection problems, but the symptoms (crashes/resets) seem to be different than what I'm experiencing.

    I called Sprint's tech support, and all they could do is assign me a trouble ticket number and say that someone would call me back within 14 days. The person I spoke with didn't seem to see a conflict between a 14-day callback and the fact that I only have 14 days from date of activation in order to cancel my service and return the Treo if it's simply not going to work.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone out there may have!
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    see this thread... its the most talked about topic on the whole board.

    it's not you, its everybody. if its any help, it seems to have gotten a little better for me the past couple of days, so maybe they are working on it. its been compared to the old days of AOL where they were taking on customers too fast for their network capacity.

    and i love my treo. i think this will work out, and its a great unit.

    (actually i felt like starting this message "do you want to tell him or should I" because everybody would tell you the same thing)
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    Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for your response. I did see the other thread, but decided to go ahead and post since the symptoms I am seeing are not the same as those described in nearly all of the messages in the other thread. My Treo is not performing a reset when it's unable to connect, as described by others. Instead, the connection window just displays "Cancelling...", then closes, so I wasn't sure that it was the same problem that others are having.

    Actually, now that I look back at the other thread, I do see one person who describes my symptoms exactly: markshelby.
    Is anyone else out there seeing the symptoms I described (not able to connect, but the connect window goes away with a "Cancelling..." message rather than a soft reset)?



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