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    Has any one been able to log into hotmail and read their mail on the treo 300? All I get is the message "no data"

    Thanks for your help
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    Welcome to the Board. I have not tried to access hotmail through the 300, but I have heard that it does not work.

    Also, this entire board is about the Treo300, so you might get more responses if you titled your message a bit differently in the future - perhaps, something like "Hotmail access?"
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    do a search for "hotmail" and you will find a way to optimize your settings to do it. Something about going to
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    You can do it using Xiino. The standard Hotmail web site ain't exactly optimized for 180*180 screens, so it isn't something I would use unless it was an emergency.

    I agree with the previous post, if there is a way to bypass the HTML version and use the WAP version through, do so.
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    You CAN get hotmail on the treo 300. I asked the same question and some well versed guy gave me the instructions. he gave me a URL and I did what he said and I now pick up my HOTMAIL. I will see if I can figure out what I did and then post the instructions.

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