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    Hey All-

    I guess I like to complicate things.

    Here is my situation...

    I currently use Yahoo Mail and have been flooded with spam. I saw a poster here uses or has a Mail Shell ad in their signature.

    I went to mailshell and signed up.

    I currently have it configured to foward my yahoo mail (I'm still going to use that as my primary address for people to send mail to) to Mail Shell.

    Can I then access my mailshell mail thru Eudora on my Treo?

    Also if anyone uses mailshell, what is the time delay for messages to get to mailshell from yahoo?

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    I currently use mailshell, and it cleans three accounts for me. Yes you can configure Eudora to pick up your mailshell. Mailshell polls my Hotmail account once every 15 minutes.
    The best use for mailshell for me seems to be its IMAP4 compatibility. I use Papi Mail 2.0.2 as my IMAP client, although clunky, it allows me to retrieve contents of my various folders in mailshell. (If you set up disposable addresses to go to specific folders e.g. my ebay disposable address goes to an Ebay folder) now if I use the POP protocol of Eudora, I can only see the inbox.
    By the way the mailshell help files has pretty good instructions on setting up IMAP clients. Advantage to this approach, all my email is saved in one location, I can log on anywhere and not have to go back to my base computer to get saved email, and keeps my inbox clean.
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    I bought PaPi-Mail 2.0.2 for accessing my personal and work inboxes. Am I the only one who finds it horribly slow? I mean, it does the job.. it's just slow.

    For example if I tell it. on an imap server, to list the last 50 messages.. it takes roughly two seconds per message. Even if I set it to retrieve none of the body. That's about as slow as most clients are at retrieving the entire message.

    I suspect the client is saying "show me message 52, show me message 51, show me message 50, show me message 49.. " etc when it should just be saying "show me message headers 52-2", which would be much faster.

    Oh well.. guess I'm just disappointed. Sorry to go off the thread topic.
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    You are not the only one. I find it awfully slow too. However, it is the only real workable IMAP client. I am hoping Snappermail delivers on its advertising of IMAP support.
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    Good to know I'm not the only one then (in the misery loves company sense).

    I was hoping Snappermail would do it well too, but it'll probably be a while before it has that.

    In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to best manage my mail. I want to bea ble to get access to my recent messages quickly, without having to worry about deleting stuff from the server both on my Palm and my regular IMAP client. I can't directly access the mailbox, because listing 10k+ messages takes too long. So I've been having a copy sent to a second mailbox, which I check daily and delete on my palm.. but that'll be a pain to maintain in the long run, particularly if I don't check for a few days..

    Another obvious alternative, to shrink my mailbox sizes, isn't really practical for me..

    So I guess I wait for better IMAP.
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    I have my Yahoo account forwarding to my Mailshell account. I can't be sure how long the delay is, but it seems pretty quick. I also use Eudora, and other POP3 clients, on the Treo without difficulty.


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