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    1. I do not have the headset plugged in and
    2. My Treo rings (Whether I pick up the call or not does not matter) and
    3. I then decide to plug in the headset during the ring or after picking up the call, the call will be cut off - without fail.

    I already have the GPRS 1.1 upgrade installed. Even before the GPRS upgrade, I had the same issue with the phonehallib.prc patch installed.

    Just to clarify, if my headset is already plugged in before the phone rings then my headset works as normal.

    Am I the only one with this problem?

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    My 270 handles plugging the headset in or taking it out during a call no problem. Are you using the standard 4 lead plug?
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    Thanks zamiv.

    The problem was with the spare headset that I was using. The original headset that came with the Treo worked fine.

    Strange though, the spare headset has the exact number of pin stripes as the original, so I wonder why it is not working properly. Any ideas?


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