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    I just spoke with Sprint, the SMS service is unstabile and is currently down.

    They are aware and are working on this and hope to have it up soon.

    Please let's not start griping on Sprint.

    Everyone's systems go down at times and IMHO we should all appreciate the fact that we have 3G service.

    Hope they have it up soon.

    Treo on!
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    I had noticed tha none of the msgs. I had sent to friends were getting through. Now I know why. Thanks!
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    I'm not complaining, but just for the record, Sprint takes the system down to install "upgrades". This is not a crash or hacker attack. They simply shut everything down whenever they want (or hasn't anyone noticed that they only seem to have "problems beginning late Friday night or early Saturday morning ?). This not only inconveniences their customers, but usually doesn't fix the problem and breaks at least one other thing that was previously working. These guys have the heads so far up their a***s on this SMS thing it's unbelievable. They have been trying for almost two months to get 2-way SMS messaging working on the Treos with no luck.

    I would appreciate it if anyone from Sprint is reading these posts that they hire a new manager of tech support. They need to fully regression test their "solutions" BEFORE implementing them (What a concept !!!). What they should do is maintain two sets of servers at all times. They should solicit their users and ask them if they would like to participate in the test program. In exchange for spotty service, users would get a rebate on monthy service for participation in the program. This way, the user feels in control and also gets something for the inconvenience. Users who need their service actually working 24x7 (Yes, there are actually some business customers using your products guys !!!), can pay the monthly service fee and not be subject to Sprints, "We'll take the service down whenever suits us" attitude.

    I'm in the service industry. If I treated my customers with such a cavalier attitude I would be out of business almost overnight. I suppose they can get away with it because the overall system is still the best out there, but this may not be the case forever. Jesus, at least send us an e-mail or (as long as it's working) an SMS letting us know you're going to be working the systems !!!

    Who's in charge over there anyway ? The techs ? I'm a tech and I can tell you I would NEVER be allowed to pull systems down with the frequency that Sprint does.

    My $.02. I really am just trying to offer constructive criticism and not b****. I really believe Sprint has a great service and already wonder how I got along without it up until now. They just need to show their customers through action that they actually care about them.
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    I agree with KKENNA completely. I've also made my living for many years in Tech Support, and am amazed at the routine attitude toward numerous SMS outages I'm seeing as a new SprintPCS customer.

    As bad as T-Mobile/Voicestream was for two years, they (1) answered their phone within 10 -- not 60 -- minutes, (2) generally kept data services up and (3) had a means of contacting Tech Support and opening trouble tickets by email.

    3G is much faster than GSM and $10 all-u-can-eat data is excellent ... but if it came down to service availability and customer support, I would've stayed with T-Mobile/Voicestream.

    One simple idea I recommended to SprintPCS is to maintain outage-reports on their site, to avoid much of the SMS headscratching you read here.
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    I agree, maybe a computer generated sms to our handset, or notice on their web page would alleviate any concerns.

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