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    Is anyone else having problems today receiving SMS messages.

    I have not received any all morning thus far.

    I know I should have got SMS messages via Yahoo Alerts and I even tried sending myself an SMS thru Yahoo Mobile it didn't work.

    Anyone know a fix or of this specific problem.

    I am just using the SMS app that came with the Treo.

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    Hi all,

    I'm using a Treo 270 on T-Mobile in the UK. I too am having trouble receiving SMS messages which I know I should have been receiving. I've sat at a table with a friend and had them send me an SMS message and that message never arrived. We repeated this a few times.

    The weird thing is that this has only just started occuring. I have received lots of SMS message on my Treo before, both from this friend and others.

    If anyone has an idea about what the fix for this problem is, it would be greatly appreciated.



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