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    I have a Visor Edge and a Treo. My wife and I for business and family reasons we want to have identical calendars. We want to use the same user name for both PDA's and thus when we sync the information both PDA's will be identical. They both seem to sync without any problems. The Address Book and iCal on the mac (using Jaguar) get updated when we sync from either PDA. The problem is that the information doesn't leave ical and go to the other PDA.

    I want this: Treo >>> syncs to mac >>>> syncs to Visor Edge >>>> syncs to mac> >>>>syncs to Treo. Using this example I realize that I have to re-sync the Treo after I sync the Visor Edge to get the info from the Visor Edge into the Treo. The problem is that the info never makes it there even though I see it in iCal and in the Address book.

    This is what I've tried. I've tried creating two user names but when I tried to sync it failed because it could not sync with the other PDA. I tried syncing again with both PDA's in the cradles but that had the same results. I've tried the a suggestion by iDriveX titled "This might solve your problems" found on Apples discussion group on iSync, except that i didn't completely delete my PDA's. Any help would be appreciated. I've posted this question on the Apple site and did not get any replies. Is anyone else interested in doing what I'm attempting?
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    Don't do it! You can cause problems when things are changed on more than one device at a time. I would use a calendar sharing program instead. I believe Palm was offering DualDate for free, but I don't know if works on a Mac or not.

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