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    I have had trouble with my headset since I got my Treo in September. At first the headset did not answer and only hung up on calls. I downloaded a headset patch (phonehalib) which rectified that problem, but now intermittently, when I answer on the headset, the call is answered, but on the Treo itself and not on the headset. In other words, I can hear the
    person yelling on the Treo speaker, but not on the headset speaker. When this happens, I have to turn off wireless mode, unplug the headset jack, replug in the headset jack, and then turn on the wireless mode. This happens numerous times a day. Anyone have any ideas. I do not really want to install the GPRS patch just yet.
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    I have a 270 and purchased a Jabra headset and since then have had no problems. Check out this link:
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    This issue is discussed in this thread
    I related it to another issue (Treo crashes when answering with headset) because they both shows a bug in the processing of the "answer from headset" action. If many other users experience one of these two issues then can post in the other thread .
    If it is verified that it's a wide issue affecting many users it will be easier to request a fix for this from Handspring.
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