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    I finally made the switch from a 270 to the Sprint Treo. I'm waiting for it to be programmed right now but the only problem for me was that they ran out of San Francisco phone numbers (area code 415). I ended up settling for a 650 area code temporarily but was wondering whether this has happened to anyone else before or whether they have even heard of such a thing. Definately a strange experience for me.
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    I've never seen it affect anyone before but the potential is there. Each cellular provider is issued a block of numbers from within each NPA (number plan area - area code). So when they're gone they're gone. That's the reason that cell providers always petition the FCC for overlays as opposed to NPA splits (new NPA withing an existing NPA)- they want new npas that can span several existing areas so that they have bigger bases of numbers to work with.


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