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    can anyone explain to me how to synchronize my treo 90 over my cell phone? im on cable at home.
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    I haven't done it myself (since I don't yet have a 90 or a way to connect one to a cell phone), but I can tell you some of what you need to get going.

    The key first step is this--what cell phone do you have (model of phone, not just provider) and how do you plan to connect it to the Treo? Depending on the phone, you have one or more of 3 options: cable, IR or Bluetooth.

    Side note--does someone know how to sync through a firewall (i.e. ZoneAlarm)? Leaving your machine on without one, you're asking for trouble.
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    im connected to a kyocera 2135, i am online already, just need to know how to synchronize now
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    go to syncronize menu select sync by modem enter phone # and your good to go, only thing is (or so i believe) it can dial into your home computer only if its on, and the modem on your home comp is not in use. I have not tried this out yet but if you do id like to hear about it
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    the cheapest way to connect your treo 90 to your cell is by IR under prefs go to connection select ir to modem or if it is not available get a patch here

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