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    I just received my 300 from Amazon this morning, activated it this afternoon, and was using Blaser within 30 minutes to surf :-)

    When the Customer Rep activated my phone he said the password would be the last 4 digits of my SSN. I never had to enter that into the phone and it appeared from Prefs->Network that the password was 'assigned' by Sprint.

    Here's where the problem occurs - I went home and accessed the Sprint Web site from my PC and changed the Vision password for wright38 to a 9 character password. There were no errors, but the next time I tried to use Blaser I get a "Service Connection progress - Error: Registration failure. Check username and/ or password and try again[67]"

    I powere cycled the phone and then I get "Service Connection updater initiated" which fails after 15 seconds with "unknown error has occured. If the problem persists, contact Sprint" and then "Update Terminated".

    I cant change the password in the Prefs->Network option where the account name is specified, so does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do now (other than spend 2 hours on the phone to support!)

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    So you didn't follow the SprintPCS web instructions which stated that you need to keep your phone on for at least 10 minutes after changing your PCS Vision password?
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    No, the phone *was* powered on and in use for about 50 minutes after the password was changed on the web site.

    Any suggestions on what to do next, other than call support?

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    Simply changing the Vision password on the web site again solved the problem.

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