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    Very Excited. Just got my Treo from Amazon. Before I use it though, I want to charge it up for a few hours. The manual says that a red LED light goes on at the top of the Treo when it's being charged, turning to green when it's fully charged. But no light goes on on my Treo when I plug it into the charger. Do I have a problem or am I missing something?

    Wayne C.
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    The red light came on immediately for me during the first charge. Not sure what the problem may be with your Treo.
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    ... That light really looks orange for me, or am I going insnane (which is very possible). As for the light coming on when you plug it in, it *should* come on right away after you plug in. It will turn green once it is fully charged; assuming your hardware is working.

    L -
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    I ordered two Treos from Amazon (one for me and one for my wife). One charged properly right out of the box. I had to soft reset the other one before the charge light would come on. The problem has not re-appeared.

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