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    I just got off the phone with sprint because when I went to it stated I have used additional 'CASUAL USE PCS WIRELESS WEB MINUTES'. Based on past experiences I wanted to make sure they were not going to charge me (I have unlimited vision). I was advised the website is not accurate, nor could the rep give me my total usage minutes because their system is inaccurrate. Has anyone heard this before? How will they know how to bill if their own systems are not accurate?
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    Most of the time, the billed minutes are accurate but they do make a disclaimer when you check the website or call *4. The disclaimer states that shared minute plans are not accurately displayed. I think that my shared minute plan minutes are pretty close but I have noticed that my wife's phone (the second line) does not list pcs to pcs minutes correctly. I figure that with 2000 minutes, I have minutes to burn anyway.

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