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    People who have their SMS Message tone on. After it beeps, "beep, beep" does it make a high pitch long sound?

    Mine does, is this normal? Anyway to make it stop and still get the "beep, beep"?
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    Yes!!! I thought I was hearing things, and my dog was going crazy! Thank g-d it isn't only me.
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    I had that problem too. It seems to have gone away as soon as I removed Treo Alert. Are you using it?
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    This problem has been discussed here before, see this thread.

    The bad news is that your Treo is most likely defective! My first unit had this problem, I called Sprint and was told that they would consider it a defect, allowing me to exchange the unit at a Sprint store. This was during the first month of the Vision rollout and the lines in Sprint stores were hours long, so I cancelled service and returned the phone. A couple of weeks later, I bought another Treo, and have not had the same problem, even with exactly the same setup. There were some other differences in the “feel” of the unit, which makes me think that they came from different production runs. FWIW, my bad Treo was purchased from Handspring, the good one was ordered on Sprint’s website.

    I Hotsynced before returning my first Treo and restored to my new one, so I can confirm that installed software is not the problem, but it’s possible there were some minor differences in the firmware.

    I hope you’ll be able to get the problem resolved.

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    Do you think it is worth exchanging the phone for a new one?

    What else was different about your "defective phone" with the high pitch tone?

    I'll probably exchange it, I have a contact at Sprint that is very helpful and gets things done for me.
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    I called Customer Svce, they called the store and I exchanged my Treo 300 today, because it had the high pitch feedback sound after the SMS beep.

    I exchanged just the phone, didn't want to run the risk of getting a defective car adapter. I already had to replace that separately.

    Sprint was very helpful and made the process easy my phone was activated in 5 minutes.

    Maybe I'm crazy but I like the keyboard of this phone handset better than old one, maybe it is a different production line.
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    Glad you were able to get the problem resolved. I never had the two phones side by side to compare, but I also noticed some differences: The keyboard on the new phone seemed "clickier" but the flip seemed a little looser. Also, there have been threads here noting that Treo 300 screens are smooth while Treo 270 screens seem stiffer, more resistant to the stylus. My first Treo had an extremely smooth screen, the new one is stiffer, although moving the stylus has become easier with time.

    My guess was that there are two factories or production runs, with minor substitutions of components, which caused the squealing problem and also the differences in feel. Your experience seems to confirm this.
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    i get that high pitched sound, obviously feedback, on my phone, but i have not had any other problems with the screen, keyboard, paint, or other things that have popped up on this board, so i am sticking with my phone.

    one thread said it only happened when you have the tone volume set on high...
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    To resolve, try going into Phone, Ringer Prefs. and turn Message Tone to off.
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    turning message tone off doesn't resolve the problem if you want the message tone to sound.

    It is a defective phone from a different line.
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    I know this is an older thread, but I just recently got a 300 (upgraded from a 180). I'm encountering this screeching sound, too. Curiously, I didn't have it originally, it only began after I started playing with TreoHelper to change my SMS alert tones. I've deleted TreoHelper (which I saw suggested in another thread on this site), but I still have the same problem. Has anyone succesfully overcome the screeching sound without returning the unit?
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    I agree with asianesq. The feedback squeal seems to have started with the installation of TreoAlertMgr. I have removed it and I will let the next call go to voicemail to see if it disappears.
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    Mine did it for awhile and seemed related to TreoAlertMgr but it has gone away for some reason. However, since I've installed the latest version, (and not all the time) my Treo screen goes blank and locks up after I receive a SMS. Can't seem to figure out the exact cause.

    Originally posted by KKenna
    I agree with asianesq. The feedback squeal seems to have started with the installation of TreoAlertMgr. I have removed it and I will let the next call go to voicemail to see if it disappears.
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    My screech began after installing TreoHelper, but others are mentioning TreoAlertMgr? More weirdness.
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    I had the same problem. I've made it go away with TreoHelper. I turn the tone off in the ringer setup and set up a default tone in TreoHelper. Works so far.
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    I just got my 1st Treo 300 3 days ago - Got tired of waiting on the new Samsung SPH-i500, and I'm just sorry I didn't try it sooner.
    I got it for $199.00 (with rebate) at Office Max/Atlanta.
    The unit had this feedback squelch on notifications. Office Max was out of units, I took it to a Sprint store - The tech heard "notification squelch" & instantly said, "We'll replace it for you with a new one"!
    The new unit (Made in Mexico) has that clicky keyboard that a previous post mentioned, and seems over all to be a sturdier unit. Even the lid is tight. The screen seems a little better also, if it's not my imagination.
    I've had Sony Clies & IPAQs for the last 2 years, but longed for a combined device. I know that there will ALWAYS be a "newer unit coming out soon", but just like computers - you gotta draw the line somewhere & buy one. I'm happy so far and enjoying the new "toy"...
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    I just got a warranty replacement Treo 300 today. Mine had a flaky rocker switch and it froze a few times + lost data over the months.

    Activation is becoming a bit of a nightmare. After a call to Sprint and the regular activation process, the phone/SMS works but my vision keeps failing some update process. They told me to wait 6 hours. So I did.. but now they want me to wait overnight. What are the chances that in the morning it will work?

    Anyways. The new (reconditioned) unit has... wait for it... the SMS squeal!!!!! Hurray!

    Oh well, whatever. I can't tell if anything else is wrong with it yet because they told me not to use it. But I swear I haven't loaded a single piece of software or done squat to it. So the SMS squeal is definitely not a third-party software problem. I suspect it is just component orientation or something.
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    Well, I don't have either TreoHelper or TreoAlertManager, and I get the same squelch, so I don't think it's those programs, at least not in my case.

    It's not that big a deal to me, so I'm gonna live with it (I have since I got the phone back in August.....(
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    I *solved* the problems using those programs. And got some pretty other cool features (having to do with Business Connect) at the same time.
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    Amazingly my new treo only did the squeal one time. It hasn't had a problem since.. I guess it was just a fluke for me.

    If you read on the other thread I made, the main problem I had is that apparently the Sprint vision provisioning process won't complete if your device's date is bogus.

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