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    Running BigClock v2.2 on a Treo 300 -- occasionally, the alarms I set won't go off. I made sure that the sound is turned on (i.e., the Treo isn't in "silent" mode), double-checked to make sure that I had set the alarms properly, but it still doesn't go off. (And I know it doesn't go off, I'm not getting that "ALARM!" message on the screen when I power up the Treo.)

    Any ideas? I can't keep getting to work late.

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    Why don't you try the latest version? 2.83 I think.
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    I sometimes have this problem occur with my VDX. Don't know the cause, but my solution works: I delete and reinstall it. Not an elegant solution, but...
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    Trying v2.8 as I type...seems to be working okay. Thanks for the tip.

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