I got my new Treo 90 last weeks after weeks of considering a replacement for my Palm IIIc. So far, I'm very happy with my choice.

I am having one goofy little problem, though. I use an appointment in the Datebook as an alarm clock every morning - I simply move this appointment each day and set the alarm to zero minutes before the appointment (which is set to the time I want to wake up). I have been doing this for a long time on my IIIc, and it's worked fine.

The problem is this: the alarm goes off 20 minutes after the time I set - if I set the appointment (and alarm) for 6:00 AM, it goes off at 6:20 AM! This has happened three times, and it's only late on the first appointment of the day - every other appointment alarm goes off as scheduled. Any ideas?

(I don't use any hacks, I have applied the Treo updater, and I use SilverScreen as a launcher and RecoEditPlus for graffiti.)