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    I've been sitting around for 30 hours or so waiting for my data service to be provisioned, and realized that I had an unanswered question about the Calendar and Contacts features of the SprintPCS web site. I have a friend who has a phone with the Vision service. He claimed he entered all his contacts and calendar events at the SprintPCS web site, and the information was "pushed" down to his phone. I'm thinking that this sounds too good to work for the Treo 300. Am I wrong? Should I hold off on entering that kind of thing via thumbpad and do it on the SprintPCS site?

    I'm dreaming, aren't I?

    Isn't there a way that I can manage that kind of thing on any internet-connected desktop I happen to be sitting on so that I can keep my Treo use as Read-Only as possible? I'm aware of the concept of keeping my palm desktop sync'ed over USB, but that's tied to a specific machine with my information on it. I'm wondering about an internet-enabled solution.
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    Use Yahoo as the bridge. Sync your office Outlook to Yahoo. Sync your home Outlook to Yahoo. Sync your Treo to your office Outlook. This is what I do with the Sanyo SCP-6200 I have now (FedEx guy is running around Richmond right now with my new 300 in the back of his truck).
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    Hmmm.... I don't use Yahoo at all. It sounds like there's no data service sync at all, right? You're proposing sync'ing at a specific computer again. That doesn't help me if I'm away from the office long enough to not sync for a while but not long enough to move my desktop around with me.

    I have data service and no way to sync with a site on the internet!
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