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    If anyone is familiar with Yahoo! Alerts, I need help, please:

    I use Snapper to retrieve Yahoo mail, and set up Yahoo Alerts to notify me via SMS. I Just set up alerts but have questions:

    It looks like you need filters and i wanted to fwd any new message to treo, so this is how I configured:

    Header Does Not Contain: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz (checked off case sensitive)

    Needed to select it to move to Inbox (as I sort into folders(on desktop) after retrieving from Inbox), then checked off alert mobile device. it works great.

    Question is, with the Spam filter that automatically sends stuff to "Bulk Mail," will all that now get routed to my inbox since it will most likely fulfill requirements of the new filter i set up?

    is there a better alternative to setting up filters if I want to fwd all stuff to treo? I would have to set up too many filters otherwise.

    Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    I can't help you, sorry, but I am interested in this Yahoo Alerts. I also will be looking to use Yahoo Mail with Eudora (I believe) on my Treo.

    How do I set it up with Yahoo Alerts to alert me when new messages come in? Also is there a way so it does not alert when bulk mail comes in.

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    go to and you can see all the alerts that you can sign up for.
    you can filter only what you want incoming and alerted to treo.

    does anyone else have any better filtering suggestions per my initial post? any help would be great. thanks.
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    I use Yahoo alerts like this:

    If the To/CC header contains:
    Move message to inbox and send alert to my mobile device.

    This way you will only get messages specifically addressed to you. I do not receive spam this way - I think spam is just sent directly to the SpamGuard thing and doesn't go thru the inbox.

    Hope this helps.
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    Excellent! that's exactly what i was trying to do. SO, you're saying by doing this, somehting sent specifically to me (and just to me) will go to inbox. And, anything that is sent "To" a mass mailing list will not?
    Thanks so much.


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