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    Hi everyone,

    Occasionally, I get a fatal exception error on my Treo 270 with a "chuck overlock" error message (can't recall the full error code if there was one). I have discovered that it happens only when I receive a phone call and I would not know about it until I switch my Treo on only to discover that the screen has frozen with the above error message.

    2 annoying things about this error:

    1. Even though that the fatal exception error has occured, the Treo's green light continues to blink as normal and hence I would not be aware of the problem until I switch the Treo on.

    2. Even worse is that callers to my phone will hear a normal ringing tone although my phone has frozen up. They will think that I'm not answering the phone.

    The phone works OK after a soft reset.

    Can't seem to find this error in Handspring's support site. I can only find a reference to a "chunk UNDERlock" error and not a "chunk OVERlock" error like the one I'm experiencing.

    Anyone else experienced this, or know what is causing this?

    Many thanks.

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    Ok. Talking to myself here. But thought this would be useful info for those of you bothering to read this.

    After installing 'Crash' and 'Treotools' a while back, I had the same error above yesterday. Crash Log showed that the error was due to Ringo.

    'Crash' automatically did a soft reset and 'Treotools' automatically switched on my phone. My phone was back to normal without my intervention and without me knowing that my Treo had hung because of a 3rd party app. So, in a way, my problem has been solved.

    These 2 programs are indispensible to me and I would recommend anyone owning a Treo, who has multiple 3rd party apps installed on their device, to use Crash and Treotools.

    Many thanks to the creators of those programs.


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    You stole my answer, I was basically going to say all that. Even to speculate that it was Ringo.

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    Crash is truly indispensible. However, it only works with Hackmaster, not x-master.
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    I am using X-master and have had no problems.
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    I only use x-master. No problems encountered.
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    Ringo is well known for crashing upon receipt of a call. I suggest removing this and see if you still get the crash. In my experience the crash only happened when a person I designated for a particular ringtone called me.
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    A chunk over-lock will occur when a chunk of memory gets "locked" the fifteenth time. It sounds like you may be able to consistently reproduce this by re-enabling Ringo with the "bad" ringtone that causes the problem, and calling yourself fifteen times.

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