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    Hi all,

    I work in both the US and throughout Asia, and was wondering if I might be able to use the US version of the Treo 270 in Asia
    (specifically, mainly Singapore, but also Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and India). From what I understand, the US version supports GSM 900/1900 while the Asian version uses GSM 900/1800; i.e. I should theoretically be able to use it wherever there is GSM 900... is this right, and if so, is GSM 900 widely available in the above countries?

    My follow-up question is if voice quality is lower on GSM 900 vs GSM 1800?

    Finally, does it make a difference which version I use if I want to use GPRS in Asia?

    Many thanks in advance for any info.

    Best regards,

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    Yes Celsus, your Handspring Treo 270 will work here in Asia. I have the same version as yours, the 900/1900. I have used it in the States, here in the Philippines and in Singapore & Hongkong. Although most Asia carriers utilize the 900/1800 bandwidth, you can make use of the 900 with no problems.

    Voice quality is affected by a lot of factors, mainly Provider equipment, location, bandwidth, weather, handset but overall, you will get cellular quality voice which is both manageable and readable.

    What version are you using? If you are using the old version, it will just lack handset enhancements which will not in any way affect your connection.
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    Yes, your US version Treo should work just fine in Asia. I personally live in India and I use the US 900/1900 version of Treo with no problems whatsoever. I have travelled to several countries in Asia and Europe and have had no problems. As a matter fo fact 900 is a more commonly used frequency than 1800. Also although I am not 100% sure, but I think any country that uses 1800, also has a 900 network. Usually the first netowrks are in 900 and later on the newer ones are in 1800 due. Atleast that is the way it is here in India. In fact every where in India the first three operators use 900 and it is only the most recent, fourth operator in each region that uses 1800. I think 1800 networks cost more to maintain than 900 ones and also require stronger transmitters.

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    Hi Sanjay and Busted Treo,

    Many thanks for your information - it's very helpful indeed. Just to clarify, I have not bought the Treo yet - was planning on purchasing one later this week.

    Just out of curiosity, is the voice quality better on GSM 1800 than GSM 900? Basically, if that is so, and I travel to the US infrequently, would it be better to go with the "local" model?

    Also, anyone have experiences using the US model in Asia with GPRS?

    Thanks again,


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