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    i just got my treo 300 from amazon today!

    i've noticed that there seem to be a few different browsers available beyond Blazer (like Xiino, PocketLink, etc.). have any of you experimented with the alternatives? any thoughts on which ones are best and why?

    (sorry if this topic has already been beaten to death - i'm a treo newbie!)

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    Yeah, it's been discussed quite a bit. Feel free to use the Search feature to peruse past discussions.

    Bottom-line, Xiino is the most powerful, but if you want to maximize your chances of being able to view a given web page, install all the browsers.
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    So far I prefer Blazer. It loads most sites and makes them look good. I keep trying Xiino for different sites, but it seems to try to do too much (background colors, too much colored text) and ends up with huge swaths of empty space, sometimes viewable by highlighting (inverting the text). Clearly not worth the trouble in those cases.

    I keep Blazer, EudoraWeb and Xiino handy though, in case Blazer has trouble.
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    I use EudoraWeb for non-graphic sites (ie discussions) and Blazer for graphic.

    EudoraWeb is good in that it goes back to the link on the source page whereas Blazer goes back to the top of the source page. So, when viewing these posts on Treocentral, I go back to the post I selected vs. all the way to the top of the discussion page all over again.

    Tried Xiino, didn't really see the need for it, plus it costs $ and I'm getting all the functionality I need from Blazer and EudoraWeb.

    Good luck, welcome!


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