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    One of the reasons I bought the 300 was because of the web capability. However, one of the sites that I need to access requires Java, so I bought Xiino thinking that would fix my problem.

    Now, even when I log into the site using Xiino, I get an error message that says the site works only w/Internet Explorer or Netscape. I know this is problably a completely newbie question, but are there web sites (the one I'm accessing is an .asp) that don't work w/any PDA browser?

    Thanks for any help!
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    What is the URL of the site you can't access ?
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    the site that I'm trying to access is

    On the site, registered users can using on-line journaling tools, participate in discussion threads and other interactive type activities.
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    I'd be interested in a browser that does full java and asp too, as I'm currently working with a company that is developing some asp software, and it would be neat to do it there, but unfortunately that's asking for A LOT.

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