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    Following recommendations on this board, -I've redone my username and password (account and pcsvision) and systematically varied the SMTP settings on my Treo, and still can't get the sprintpcs smpt server to work. I get a failed authentication error message (5.7.8). I'm using Eudora 2.1. Since email is the reason I bought the bloody thing, this is more than a bit frustrating. Suggestions appreciated.
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    Did you try your old username and password? Sprint seems to have some trouble with changing the username for vision. Half my account has the new one, the other half has the old one. Tier 2 says they have to manually fix it. That was 2 weeks ago and it was supposed to be done in 48 hours (and about that swampland).

    Eudora is great once you get these things worked out. I'm finally leaving the laptop back at the office when traveling since the only reason I took it was email. Airport security was getting a little hairy with a laptop. They don't even blink at the Treo. Keep firing away at it and if nothing else call the wireless web tech support direct at 877-228-2257.


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