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    Any recommendations as to whether it is better to activate service using the Sprint website or to call in.

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    I just tried to activate over the website and it crashed on my. However when I called in I didn't have to repeat anything. He just activated my phone and off I went.

    I always prefer to type things myself. On DishHetwork I ended up being called Jake Brat for 2 years before I could get a customer service person to correct my name.
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    Did mine over the phone.. called on a land line with my Treo available and charged next to me... made sure my old phone was off.... no problems then or since !

    The only think to happen yet is get my first bill and make sure they have everything correct on my plan.
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    I activated online. It was super easy, and real quick.

    I'd recommend it.

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    I activated by calling the 888 number. Sure it took along time (about 40 minutes)

    BUT while I was on the phone, I asked if he would give me a credit because I couldn't take advantage of the special offer from Amazon (I was an existing sprint user) and I got $100 credited to my account.
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    Originally posted by dewnay
    Any recommendations as to whether it is better to activate service using the Sprint website or to call in.

    My vote.

    I'd prefer to do it online but when I tried it kept telling me I was an existing customer. Tried it three times, same result.

    So I called in and everything went super quick, no problem.

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    After reviewing the recommedations, I decided to activate my service through the Sprint website. The process took less than 5 minutes and my service (including Vision) was active within 10 minutes although I was warned that it could take up to 2 hours.

    What I liked was the ability to select my phone number from a group of choices and to specify my username.

    The only problem I ran into was that the MSIN I was given to program into the phone had too many digits. I dropped the leading zeroes and everything was fine.
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    The way things are going with Sprint lately, it seems to make a lot of sense to do it over the phone in case there's any problems.

    That way you can get Sprint working on it right away if you hit a snag. Plus the issue can be documented and they can't blame anything on the "mysterious" website issues.

    In fact, I won't even let the in-store yahoos touch my phone for the initial setup. They'll just point you to the phone if id doesn't work anyway.

    Accountability baby, accountabliity.


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