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    Opened the box and I have a choice to call Sprint or Went to the website, followed the instuctions and about 5 minutes later I am making calls, receiving calls and surfing the web! Yep, Blazer works fine. Took about 15 minutes till I was able to logon to the Sprintpcs web site.
    The whole thing could not have been easier!
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    I had the same experience. Got my treo, called sprint (waited a good 1 minute for a rep), activated it, and within 5 minutes I was good to go.

    I have been thoroughly pleased with the service, and my treo. You can't beat it for $10 a month!

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    They key is cost/benefit tradeoff. Verizon's coverage is far better than sprint's, however the difference in cost between verizon and sprint does not allow me to justify paying for verizon.

    I was paying $100/month with Verizon for 1200 peak minutes (2G data and voice) on my Kyocera 6035. Now I pay $45/month for 500 voice minutes + unlimited data ($55 after 3 months) on my Treo 300. I do drop more calls than I used to, but the coverage is pretty good and it's well worth the savings.

    I even sold my 6035 on ebay for $175, which covers the cost of terminating my Verizon contract early. :-) I will miss my 6035 though...sentimental value...

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