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    Using SMS - you can trade info nearly instantaneously, with multiple people, without having to dial them up.

    With the milk example - your wife *could* call you, but if you're finishing up a meeting, and she's not somewhere she can talk, a quick message can be done unobtrusively.

    It''s so subtle and effective that they are trying to ban it in European schools because the kids there constantly "text" one another. I visit our office in London fairly frequently and watched with a little bit of envy as one of the London managers quickly texted his wife while simultaneously carrying on the work-dinner conversation he was leading.
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    My provider allows me to create my own alias for my SMS email. So someone can send a message to, and it gets pushed to my Treo. When I send an e-mail out, using the SMS app, the from address is There are also filtering options to only forward specific messages to my Treo. And finally, there is a webmail option to read all the messages as well. So if somone sends an attachment, it will just stay on the webmail.
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    Your wife would send you an SMS because she knows that you won't get your voice mail in time and you will SEE IT. LOL ...
    (i.e. you can run, but you cannot hide ... from SMS ... )

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