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    Had a VMX on my Treo 300 from Sprint Customer Service advising me that they've decided to give me FREE Vision Service for the remainder of my Sprint contract (nearly 2 years), or maybe he said as long as I remained a Sprint customer. I was still in the first 3 months, so was only paying $34.99/mo @ 500/4000 min. Even though I had committed to the 2mb/mo @ an additional $10/mo, I was still in the 3 month free Vision portion of the contract. Well apparently the free portion is extended permanently.

    Doubt that I was picked out for any specific reason, so I imagine everyone will be getting this.

    2 months into my Treo 300 I love most of the phone and Palm related features. Some little annoyances, mostly related to opening and/or having to open the lid. I use the Blazer web browser every other day to look something or other up.

    What I still haven't mastered is how to receive e-mails. Once I get the time I'll surf this forum and see if I can figure it out.

    Sam Sap 4
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    Sprint called me yesterday to let me know about the change to my plan, giving me unlimitted data over the original 8mb I ordered. And I believe they did say that it was unlimited as long as I remaind a Sprint Customer.

    It seems to me that Sprint is making some big improvements in their customer service. Of course after being on this list for a while we all know that they still have a long way to go, but they're getting there.

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    not to rain on your parade, and the deal is still excellent, but what you got, unless you are 'special', is that UNLIMITED vision will now be ours for $10 per month as long as we remain sprint customers.

    not quite free, but still an excellent deal.
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    So same $10/mo, but instead of a 2mb limit there is no limit?

    I clearly misunderstood then.
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    Before I switched to one of the new unlimited Vision plans, sprint had changed the 20 Mb plan I was on to unlimited vision. It was the old 2000 AT minutes with free add a phone. The price was listed at $99.99. After I switched, I got the same plan, feature-wise, and the price was $85. You may want to check the new plans to see if you can get the same number of anytime minutes for a better price. You might be able to save yourself $10 or more per month.
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    Has anybody here gotten Sprint to report their actual data usage ? My theory is how can you charge (and limit) something you can't measure ? For once we benefit from Sprint's inability to roll out a complete product.
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    They can and do measure data usage for their laptop PC card customers.

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