I headed out this evening with a list of local CC locations and the Microcenter internet $350 price printed out. I have a Microcenter local to me (Tustin), but a phone call revealed that they don't stock this item at the B&M stores, just their internet warehouse. Suck.

At any rate, the closest CC called and found out. Oops. The second store referred me to the sales manager who spent some time on the internet, then told me he couldn't tell whether the $350 included the $50 SprintPCS mail-in, and that he'd give it to me for $399 - $10. I moaned for a couple minutes and squinted at the fine print, then gave in. I'm not one for hoping I'll get the Amazon rebate even though I'm an existing subscriber.

So I have the sucker charging before I call to transfer my service over and get that Vision.

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