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    Hi fellow treo owners,

    Has anyone found they have problems with their machine constantly crashing?? I always get this Fatal error black and white screen of death (like the blue screen in windows!) and it is really ticking me off. Perhaps it's the hacks that i use?? FastCPU 3.0 and Easylaunch. I've turned both of them off but the machine still crashes regularly.

    By the way I'm using a SD card 128 megs.... when I remove the card that partially solves the problem.

    The saga continues, now the treo says it doesn;t recognize the card type. I tried reformatting but the treo froze..... i let it go for 8 hours thinking it takes a while to format the card, but no, it was definitely frozen.

    I'm exchaging the SD card this week. This has overall not been a nice experience. I've already returned one treo (stylus problem) and don't wanna go through that pain again!!! Is it me or is the Palm OS as unstable as Windows?

    One more rant, whenever I use the SD card the treo slows to a complete crawl i.e. it takes at least 15 seconds for my programs to come up in the menu after i insert the card. perhaps I have too many files in the card for the machine to sift through each time.

    Just wondering if anyone else has had similar problems with any of the above issues?
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    Any of the overdrive units seem to cause their own set of problems. Also most manufacturers warn against them because your unit will run much hotter than spec. I'd first try removing that overclocking app entirely and doing a warm reset. (after backing up, of course)

    As for your SD card, unfortuntely SD has still not caught up with the Springboard flash in many ways. You might check some past threads on this site about 128Meg cards. I think there were once some issues.

    As for the slowness: that's the price we pay for extra memory. It's merely showing the inadequacies of a 33mhz processor. My edge had to scan 5M of used memory at startup. My Treo 90 has to scan 40M or so. The more you put on your card the worse it gets. Some people opt for using a series of 16M cards just to avoid this problem.

    And the Palm OS is substantially more stable than windows, but it is an open system. Hacks, etc can really cause conflicts for other apps. You might try TrapWeaver which acts as a hack governor. Also I saw YAHM on Palmgear yesterday. It's a hack manager which seems to create a hack caste system.


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