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    I bought, excuse me, paid for the software almost two weeks ago. Immediately recieved my confirmation from PalmGear and promptly had my card charged. Told me that it would notify the author of the software and I should allow 48hours for the developer to send the reg. info... etc. I waited, waited, waited and finally sent webmaster/support emails with no repsonse. Great response there huh!? Well that's my rant/complaint. I say screw this software. Anyone willing to give me their registration information? *coughserials2kcough*cough* *******.

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    does iring even support the treo 300? i thought only ringo did.
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    Yea the program works fine for me. I used it in demo mode long enough to get a few of the included Midi files over into my system but I want to convert a few of my own and use iRing to dump them into the system. Not all, but most of the Midi's work. The polyphonic sound works when you preview in the prefs but not in iRing. Either way I'm pissed this *$#head hasn't responded to me and swiped my money... ***.

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    Did you send a message to PalmGear about this person not providing the product in the stated timeframce? Have you called your credit card company to dispute the bill (/have it removed) since you never received the purchased product?

    Go get 'em!!!

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    Well PalmGear says it completed its end of the bargain and can do nothing other than send an email to the author. Great... That's what I did and got nothing. I guess I could do a chargeback to PalmGear and cause even more havoc. Or perhaps send this guy nasty letters. Those of you have also been screwed here is his name/address and phone number. Gotta love a WHOIS lookup.

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    Purchased iDial from proxyminds and they never sent the code. Took 3 months. Complained to Palm Gear, I got the same nonsense from them, then had to insist on a refund. That's still pending, though they agreed to it. There's another thread on the problem of proxyminds. You can search it.

    Use MarknDial from Palm Gear. It's better. Customer support is excellent.
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    I was actually just trying to get iRing. If anyone reads this and has a copy would you consider sending it to me!? I can show proof of purchase!

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    Call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Credit card companies are surprisingly friendly about customers who have problems with vendors.

    I did it when UHaul tried to charge me a $50 fee for cancelling a reservation when they didn't have a truck on the day of the reservation (side note - UHaul sucks). The Discover card rep was extremely friendly and helpful. Didn't make me feel like a schlep like I expected he would (after all, it's my word against UHaul's). Highly recommended -- give 'em a call.
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    Is $5.95 worth me having a dispute on my CC records though? PalmGear is really nothing more than a proxy to the author in this particular case. I'm still waiting on emails reguarding action with the author but they are pretty firm on saying NO REFUNDS.
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    I'd dispute it. They (PalmGear) should take more responsibility and investigate matters where people are getting ripped off! When they start getting credit card disputes against them, it might encourage them to take action to protect their customers

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