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    Like others on this list, I have had difficulty solving the STMP server problem, but I believe that it is possible to send via:

    However, I am getting an error message about my username/password. Can someone who uses this tell me what username and password they use? I have tried the combo I set up for vision, but they aren't working. Suppose my sprint account is jmbailey36 (that's what it says when it's connecting). Is my username just jmbailey36?

    I have one password that I set up with Vision, but I have another password that is my sprint "sign on" password. Does either of these work?

    I believe I have tried all combinations without success, but I'm hoping someone knows the secret.
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    I meant SMTP not STMP
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    Believe me, you're not the only one confused.

    I think I offered this in another thread but, anyway, here's what worked for me.

    Your username should just be jmbailey36 (no At least that was the strategy that worked for me. The password is the killer. It's NEITHER your Sprint manage sign-on password NOR your Vision password. It's your E-MAIL password. You need to go into the Sprint manage site and get to your E-Mail preferences section (I think it's in the profile area, not sure). Initially it will show a blank for the password. Type something in like jmbemail, or whatever. Save it. THAT'S the password you need to use for SMTP authorization.

    Again, at least that's what worked for me. If it doesn't for you well, then, nevermind...

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    In my case it's my Vision password. I never set up an e-mail password. On the other hand, my Vision password is the same one I had for e-mail back in the 2G days before I bought the Treo, so who knows for sure? Try both ways. Which e-mail software are you using? If it's Eudora, be sure to set Authentication to "Best Available" and Security (SSL) to "If Available", both under the "Security" tab in the account set up dialog.

    Good luck!

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