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    I am close to purchasing the treo 300 from They have it for 249.00.. I was just wondering if anyone who has it can tell me how the internet or the WWW is on the treo 300 with sprint vision. Can i really get any website?? I am use to using a WAP phone and really want a phone that i can get the real internet with... Any feed back is appreciated.

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    My experience with the TREO300 is wonderful. At first I was excited to see that images where coming down on the phone instead of text like my old phone. All websites seem to appear as they normally do on the internet on your home pc. Blazer is the standard browser that comes built into the TREO but soon after I switched over to XIINO which to me seems faster and loads pages better than Blazer does. Over all the phone is excellent
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    Yes, you can visit just about any website using your Treo 300 with Sprint PCS Vision. However, some sites have features (such as Javascript or Flash) that do not display properly. Most sites appear quite differently on the Treo, given the small screen size for which they were not designed. And, many sites load relatively slowly, especially compared with a broadband connection on a PC.

    Your best bet will be to visit sites that are optimized for handheld devices. You'll find some great lists of those sites in these forums.
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    Once you browse the real internet on a Treo you'll wonder why anyone buys a WAP enabled phone. 2G... 3G.... 10G- WAP is crap.
    A Treo on the other hand, is like having a laptop computer in the palm of your hand. It's great.
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    Originally posted by sprintster
    A Treo on the other hand, is like having a laptop computer in the palm of your hand. It's great.
    As highly as I think of the Treo 300, I'm quick to recognize that my laptop has 1024x768 resolution (not 160x160 like the Treo), 24-bit color (not 12-bit like the Treo), a 1 GHz processor (not 33Mhz like the Treo), stereo speakers (not music tones suitable only for alarms and ringers, like the Treo), 256MB of RAM (not 16MB like the Treo), etc.

    The Treo 300 is great for what it is (and possibly the best smartphone available today), but it is not "like having a laptop computer in the palm of your hand."
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    As mentioned in previous replies, the Treo 300 internet access is very very good. You won't want to give up your laptop/desktop access for the graphical and screen size reasons listed.

    In addition, many popular web sites also have PDA-friendly sites (less graphics, less width - show better on the small PDA screens). Examples: eBay, USATODAY, PalmGear, MSNBC, Mapquest, 555-1212, etc.

    Great for finding names/directions while you're driving - I mean when you pull over and browse

    Strongly recommend it!

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    Browsing on the Treo is very good. Some sites are better than others. Some are a touch annoying or just don't work, but the vast majority do. On my old non-Treo phone, 3G web was painful for everything. Most sites didn't work and I wanted to go running to a real PC. On the other hand, with my Treo, while it's still much nicer to browse on a desktop, once I'm at the right place on the Treo, browsing isn't bad. I'll sit and read an entire forum thread comfortably on my Treo, whereas just scrolling for one message on the old phone was too tedious.

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