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    I have successfully installed Treo Mail.

    If I have PCS Vision from sprint, do I automatically have SMS? If not, how do i get it? Can Treo Mail use SMS to alert me of new mail?

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    Yes, Treo Mail can notify you via SMS of e-mail waiting (though the notifications have had problems recently). To activate this service, log into your Treo Mail account on the Handspring website, select "Communicator Info," then follow the instructions under "Alerts." The alert you will receive is not an SMS text message; instead, you will receive a pop-up notice on your Treo and also an "envelope" icon in Treo Mail on your Treo.
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    i just tried sending a plain text e-mail to what should be my sms address, and i haven't received it.


    thanks for the help
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    Your dealing with 2 different issues.
    TreoMail will send an SMS notification to your Treo alerting you of new e-mail waiting if you set it up to do so as mentioned in the above post.

    Sending and receiving SMS messages uses an entirely different program. Sorry I'm not a treo 300 user but understand from reading numerous post here that their are issues with sprint an text messages ability. The Treo 300 does not allow you to send SMS, but there is a 3rd party software that I understand works very well with the 300 and designed specifically for this issue. You can check it out here:

    You can also search the forum for SMS and or treo300sms and there should be tons of info relating.

    Good luck

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