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    Just wanted to recommend the Atomica PQA for anyone not aware of it. You can get it at

    It's the PQA version of their desktop program, which is fantastic. Just enter a word (or on the desktop, alt-click) and it quickly lookups relevant information. Not just a dictionary definition, not just thesauras entries, but accurate info based on the type of word. For example, a technical description of what a word, term or acronym is. Or the medical description of a term in addition to the dictionary def.

    A lot quicker than Merriam-Webster's PQA also.

    An example. Punch in 'pqa' on M-W, you get a list of possible words you meant, since it doesn't know pqa. Type in pqa on Atomica and you get:

    (Palm Query Application) A capability for radio-enabled Palm devices that locates the home page of a wireless application in the Palm itself. Compiled into binary form for compactness, the pre-stored home pages serve as launching pads to the wireless Web site. PQAs are not intended for general Web surfing, rather they are appropriate for fill-in-the-forms applications that are sent to a Web site for further processing.
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    Excellent recommendation, thanks.
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    just tried to go to Atomica and my machine says blazer c ant read that kind of file.
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    that link is an ftp download i believe. you'll have to access from your desktop..
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    Blazer users can use this looooooooooooooong link. Enter it and bookmark it:

    Tip: copy the entire link in a memo, hotsync it, copy it again and past it into the Blazer edit bookmarks screen.
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    The link is actually an HTTP (web) link, it just happens to go to a server named 'ftp'.

    I like the PQA because it's faster than Blazer loading up a page.

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