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    Now that I feel sort of at home on TreoCentral and have purchased and been using my Treo 300 for a few weeks, I'd kind of like to add an avatar, maybe a picture of a Treo 300 or even something more clever, to my profile, but I know absolutely nothing about these things.

    Is there an easy way to find, select and add an avatar here?

    That is, without having to learn an entirely new skill?
    (I've kind of reached a temporary limit of new skills for now.)

    From what I can tell, TreoCentral does not offer any ready-made ones that I could just click to add.


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    So far, I see 64 members have read my request for help in getting an avatar, but no one has replied.

    Should I explain that it is the little picture under the name that some posting members have?

    Then again, I suppose those who could tell me how to get one already know that.

    Oh well, it's not like it's a life or death matter. At least I hope not.

    But if anyone cares to pass on their knowledge and advice on this subject, I'd sure appreciate it.


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    Hey Nate,

    To add an Avatar, go to your user settings, click "Edit Options", and there is an Avatar setting at the bottom. You can set your avatar to an image that you upload or to point to some URL on the web.

    Hope that helps,
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    Hey, NateS

    You may have already gotten a response perhaps by email, but if not, here's how you add an avatar.

    On the discussion board page, go to Settings (Between Register and FAQ).

    On the page that opens (Your user control panel) go to Edit Options.

    Here, at the very bottom, click on Change Avatar.

    You'll have an Avatar page come up, where you can either point in the direction of the URL that has your pic you want to use, or you can upload one from your computer. It has to be small, max of 150X150 pixels. Make sure you select "Yes" for Use Custom Avatar.

    That's it. Have fun!

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    nate - the above posts tell you how to add an avatar. how you get one is a little different. basically this board is not like aol where they have a bunch of pictures for you to select from. you have to have the picture that you want to use.

    for instance. i used one of my collector car that i bought last year. i had pictures already. i used one of my photo editing programs to add the text, then re-sized it to the appropriate size for an avatar. at that, i have a fairly large one (in my dreams, heh heh) and i have been thinking of changing it.

    you can look for a picture on the web that you like. of course you have to be careful of copyright issues, but basically if you can see something from a web site that you like on your screen, you can just right-click on it and choose 'save as' and it will save itself onto your hard drive. of course you have to remember where you saved it.

    at that point you would be back to the part where you have to use some sort of photo or graphic editing program to make it an appropriate size (unless you chose a small one to start with) or add any kind of personal touches that you wanted, like the folks on here who have added flames or their own photo to their treo.

    hope this helps a little
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    A Hearty Thank You! to:
    needles, and

    I grabbed this one quickly to see if I've caught on yet.
    We'll see after I submit this post.
    And it may change.


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    nate - looks like you have the idea. and thank you to you too. replying to yours reminded me that i had been meaning to make myself a new one...
    Change is a challenge to the adventurous, an opportunity to the alert, a threat to the insecure.
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    Tanks for all the instructions... I have now uploaded one for myself ! Tres Cool........

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