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    How can I see the address of a particular website if I am using Blazer.For example let's say that going through the Handspring Portal I find a particular site that I want to bookmarked as a favorite?
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    :menu: icon plus " A"
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    What does that little line represent?? (feeling rather stupid for asking)
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    Originally posted by millerhifi
    :menu: icon plus " A"
    It's the "command stroke"--i.e. draw it on a Graffiti-enabled device, followed by a letter, as a quick way of invoking a particular function. More or less equivalent to Ctrl or Alt + [whatever key] on a PC (i.e. Ctrl-C to copy instead of several clicks of the mouse) or Command + [whatever key] on a Mac.
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    Next to that mark is a picture of a home. If you press the blue key followed by the :menu: house takes you to the palm launcher. If you press the :menu: key in an app will open the pulldown menu.

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