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    Use your Treo as a wireless modem to surf the net on your notebook.
    You can download the program (shareware) here:

    If you have Win2k or Windows XP, you need the IR Com drivers (freeware), download them here:
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    This sounds awesome! Has anyone out there successfully implemented this with a PC and on the Sprint network?

    Have you clocked your download speeds? Are they decent?

    Does Sprint count it as part of the unlimited Vision data transfer or as a laptop data transfer (aka the $100 a month pc card plan)?


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    How do you connect the Treo to the laptop?
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    Please consider refraining from adding to this thread.

    Instead, go to the thread here on treo central that was started and is contributed to by the author of Wireless Modem:

    This is a long and very active thread, so I would recommend jumping to the end!

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