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    I am thinking about buying a treo 300 and have been on this site to learn more about it before I do. I was hoping someone could tell me how visions works in more detail since that is the main app I really want.
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    Vision on Sprint is their generic name for their new CDMA 1xRTT data network. It supposedly works at up to 144kbps, usually at around 50-60kbps. It is a packet-switched network (vs. the older circuit-switched network). Provides an "always-on" (sort of) network for data. And, since you can get unlimited data for free on their higher-end plans, and for only $10 on their lower end plans, it is pretty cool. Allows you to browse the web using Blazer (or other browsers as mentioned on other threads on this board) and send/receive emails using any one of a dozen email programs.

    The other Vision features that Sprint talks about (eg, customized ringtones, games, etc.) do not apply to the Treo300, because it is a Palm-based device. You can get custom ringtones with third party programs (like Ringo), and there are hundreds of games you can play that are Palm-based, but have nothing to do with Sprint's network.

    From my perspective, the most valuable aspects of the Treo are the superb integration of the Palm op system (I've been using Palm devices since they came out years ago) with the cell phone app (MUCH better than the Kyocera or the Samsung), and the ability to send/receive email. I do that all the time. Don't use Blazer that much, but every once in a while browsing the web does come in handy.

    Hope that helps...
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    As you can tell from many 'a thread on this board, you should have an expectation that you will encounter some problems on the way, and for the most part, will have to solve them yourself. These problems include normal "palm" problems, like fatal errors, etc, but also you may experience problems that are hardware related, or service related, conflicting info from sprint, poor responses, no response etc.

    If you are accustomed to being on the bleeding edge, and like the challenges, then go for it, because its a great tool. If you aren't you may want to wait for a few months.....


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