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    I searched through the forum but didn't have any resolution to this. Hoping someone has figured out a way inthe meantime.

    Is there any way to increase the volume of the SMS/VM ringers? Being able to change the ringer would be a plus too, but the biggest thing is volume.

    Please don't recommend TreoAlertMgr. I'm using it, it's handy, but if I can't hear the SMS notifcation when it's in my pocket, it playing every X seconds again isn't going to make me hear it. Additionally, on my old phone, I relied on VM/SMS notifications to wake me up from my sleep (just like the primary ringer). With these I can barely hear them at my desk, let alone in the pocket or asleep.

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    Bump. Hoping someone knows.
    Maybe a developer can comment on the feasibility of this, or why it's not possible?

    It's just amazing that we're discouraged from hearing our SMS/VM notifications by Handspring.
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    Is it possible to use TCRinger or Ringo to overwrite the SystemMIDIsounds? Aren't these what are used for the SMS/Alert tones?

    Also, doesn't the datebook control what the alerts sound like? Or is that only for appointment/reminder tones...
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    I don't know about SMS, but you should be able to add some midi to the system ring tones. But these aren't polyphonic.
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