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    If you feel that Sprint has caused harm, damage, monetary equivalent loss, or has failed to meet contractual obligations as they relate to the reliable delivery of; voice, data, customer support, billing, or other services and you would like to help begin a class action lawsuit against Sprint, please click the link below to register a complaint with the National Consumer Complaint Center:

    Consumer Complaint Form

    The law firm of Alexander, Hawes & Audet, LLP will forward these complaints to the appropriate government agencies and begin the data collection process.

    Please feel free to file as many complaints as you wish as long as they are separate and distinct issues. Please do not file duplicates.

    Since the form requires you to include contact information for your Senator and Congressman, I've included the links below to help people find theirs...

    U.S. Senators by State

    U.S. Congressional Representatives by State

    In the interest of accuracy and proper handling, when you fill out the "Type of product involved" field, please use one of the following categories...

    1. SprintPCS Customer Support
    2. SprintPCS Billing
    3. SprintPCS Voice Services
    4. SprintPCS Data Services
    5. SprintPCS Hardware
    6. SprintPCS Software

    If there are other things that are not covered under these topics, please post them and if we all agree on adding one, I will edit this post and we will do so.

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    I had Sprint before I got my first Treo, a GSM Treo 180 and I had to sign-up with Voicestream (now T-Mobile) to get GSM service. You would not believe the difference between T-Mobile and Sprint. It was so horrible, I had to keep the service active for 6 months at $25/mth rather than pay the $200 contract cancellation fee. But it was worth it. I know you are so angry that the skin is falling from your face and you are surrounded in flames... but Sprint is soooo much better than all the others I've tried, especially
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    I don't think the idea is to compare services T-Mobie vs Sprint or any of that.

    Sprint released a product that was not ready for market. People are spending more time getting it to work and it still doe snot function properly, not due to the hardware but to due Sprint's negiligence in setting up their network.

    We are PAYING for the service... therefore there should be no constant problems like there have been in everything from resets to business connections.

    I have missed calls because of this soft reset problem.. I have sopent hours trying to get this phone to do what it is supposed to.

    It is ONE thing if there is an occasional glitch for new service or one problem, but these are problems going on for months and new ones keep popping up. They are REAL problems that LOTS of people are having.. they are not confined to a few people that may not be operating things correctly.

    Therefore, I believe we need more than just a link, but a combined effort to be compensated for our TIME and AGGRAVATION trying to get this working, WHILE we have been PAYING Sprint to provide service.

    Is there any legal people on there that would want to spearheaed this project?
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    Please don't assume I'm unhappy with Sprint or even that I filled out the form. I happen to know that many have the desire to begin the class action lawsuit process (per posts on this board) and I thought I'd just share the necessary resources if they wish to do so.

    Whether or not I love or hate Sprint is irrelevant.

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    Originally posted by MikeRadio
    Therefore, I believe we need more than just a link, but a combined effort to be compensated for our TIME and AGGRAVATION trying to get this working, WHILE we have been PAYING Sprint to provide service.

    Is there any legal people on there that would want to spearheaed this project?
    Hi Mike,

    Per my post, the people behind the NCCC are lawyers that handle BIG (read: hundreds of millions of $) class action lawsuits.

    So these are legal people who could potentially spearhead the project.

    You should know that actually filing a class action lawsuit is not a quick and/or glamourous prospect. What it means is down-and-dirty ad-hoc data gathering, and a lot of it.

    I believe the method I've provided achieves this (and your) goal.

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    I'm undecided. Sprint has certainly fell short in a lot of areas, and the technology wasn't ready, but a lawsuit?

    I would like my wasted time back, however. I'm going to think about it.
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    MobileDave I was unsure until tonight when I was driving far from home, and all of the sudden my voice dial didn't work.

    May not seem like such a big dealk, but I had to make an extremely important call and the only place the # was in was the sprint voice dial directory.

    It wasn't unavailable.. it seemed like all of the sudden I didn't have the service and * just promted me to sign up for new service.

    THis was fine YESTERDAY.

    This was just the last straw after all of the other problems. It doesn't ever end with them.

    It never ends... no wonder they are #4...

    So instead of sending me a letter promising vision website to work on a specific datre and it doesn't how about an apology or a service rebate...

    If they made an ATTEMPT at admitting some sort of guilt.. not even PUBLICALLY but at least to subscribers, that would be a step.

    Yes, I'm sure they want to avoid the bad publicity, but a CLass Action will cause more of that if it falls into the right hands.

    We aren't all complaining for nothing....
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    well i have to eat an error on sprint's part again. long story short, i've had problems with my service ever since they launched "vision". because of those problems, i've accumulated some credits. as of two days ago i had a negative balance of $145. now i have a balance of $29 (not bad in itself). my bill was roughly $53 which should leave a remaining credit of around $92. well not according to sprint. they deny that my balance was EVER negative$145 not to mention just twodays ago. they refuse to give me any more adjustments. i'm irate with them!!! sure i could leave and go where? pay more money for a new phone, noone has good coverage, plus i have to pay a cancellation fee. sure noone is stopping me from jabbing a knife into my eye, but i will still pay the consequences. anyway, i just need the number of that bigwig at sprint that i can call to bypass all the cs morons. this name & number was posted awhile back. that would help alot. honestly, i was with at&t for 3 years and NEVER had ANY complaints!!! their network coverage is amazing (analog & digital). but no pda type phone. yeah, there is a tradeoff everywhere you go. but does that mean that if i live in beirut, it's OK for people to blow up my house?...UPDATE: i spoke to retention today & they refused to give anything othe than $2 or 60 free minutes!! are you kidding me?! they shut off my phone because of the "cancellation" fee for switching plans. then when i called them to shut it back on she said it would be on immediately. i made a cal 12 hours later & it was still disconnected!! you know how many business calls i missed?!! then she said she couldn't tell me how long it would be before it would be shut on (she would submit a trouble ticket) and she said that she can't give me anymore credits because of all the others they have given me in the past three months!! exactly!!! the pat three months is right when i changed over to vision. so from now on if sprint screws up, i get zero credits on my account?!!!! i cannot tell you how angry they make me. i am all for a class action lawsuit. AND ALSO ORGANIZING PICKETING LOCAL SPRINT STORES AND CORPORATE OFFICE IF NEED BE!!! these people are not human!!! anyway, i digress...
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    I called Sprint and they said the Voice COmmand was accidentally DELETED when I got my new plan.

    The rep said she would add it back but I would lose all the 500 #s that were tediously imported into it!!

    I said OK, and then she said it wouldn't work until the NEXT billing cycle in 30 days. I said that was unacceptable and then she said it would work at midnight and she would give me a $30 credit.

    When I hung up with her, I checked the voice command... Not only is it working but all the #s are there!

    However, according to the website there it is not listed as a service to add or a service I have anyplace and I can not find a way to update numbers...

    If this does not clear up I will have to get back on the phone with them and have them fix this...

    All i do is talk to them on the phone... how rediculous is this!!!
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    Yes, it's a pain in the **** when the services offered by Sprint don't work as expected. But in Sprint's defence, it's not easy to anticipate problems before they surface. Sure, they could be conservative and not roll anything new out without undergoing more testing, but people would be having temper tantrums about delays. To speed things up, they could hire more people and buy more equipment and pay for it all by raising prices for existing customers...but that would cause temper tantrums as well.
    I have found that Sprint at least tries (unlike my experiences at T-Mobile and Verison). When Sprint screws-up, they typically own it and do something about it. It may be credits, or proactively sending out replacement car power adapters or unexpectedly making data service unlimited.
    I'd rather have reasonable rates and bleeding edge technology rolled out as soon as possible.
    Not meeting you expectations? You have a choice, go elsewhere.
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    I'd have to agree with Bluejay. I'm sure there are a LOT of would-be Kyocera 7135 users right now that would be willing 'beta-testers' in exchange for having the product right now. I'm sure I'd be complaining if the only Treo option was the GPRS-less GSM version. The only reason I got a Treo and switched to Sprint is because of high-speed unlimited data. Having said that, it is also understandable that not everyone is willing to PAY to be an unwilling beta-tester.
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    This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen. I keep reading the many posts about people calling to complain about one thing or another from Sprint and getting crazy credits. Sure, the rollout of Vision was not great but it's a whole lot better than anything the competitors are doing. If I am wrong let me know and I'll switch right now!!

    Lawsuits, who makes out on that? Generally the assinine lawyers that started the suit in the first place. Even if the suit never gets to court. Companies settle out of court for numerous reasons but in the end the lawyers get the lions share of the settlement not the people who the suit was designed to help.

    Other then possible time how has Sprint "hurt" you? They give you a full 14 days to decide on the service and the phone. They give credits where there are outages. The service has been good and getting better. I guess the bottom line from my perspective is "Get a Life" and move on to something important!
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    Yeah the only thing class action lawsuits do is put money in the pocket of lawyers. This is a bunch of crap.
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    I agree. I've been a customer for 5 years, and during that time I've had my share of issues, but I've always felt I had a choice, and I could leave if I didn't like the service overall. I can put up with their crappy service, because I feel their coverage, quality and price is the least worst of all the wireless carriers. If I really hated them, I just pay the $150 and be done with it.

    I recommend that any of you who are so dispondent and dissatisfied over your service to contemplate devoting a portion of your life to bringing Sprint the $150 and be done with it! Life is too short to waste your gray matter on a mission so negative and one that will probably get you a $10.75 check after 5 years of burning on it...

    There's got to be more constructive use of your energy...something that will actually help the problem...

    Even with the hassles I've had with my Treo over the last month, and with clueless customer service people, I'm a relatively satisfied customer.
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    I've had no issues whatsoever since I came over to Sprint and the Treo back in August. I had Verizon and a 6035 before.
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    What is better, the Treo 300 or the 7135???
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    I wish I could go along with those who are essentially saying "Stop whining." There are a couple of problems with those arguments, however. First, even those of us who handle all our own problems cannot fix network problems. I loved the data service until it started resetting my Treo several times a day. If you don't check it constantly and spend probably an hour a day disconnecting, reprovisioning, and then reconnecting, you won't have the e-mail you expect and you may have your phone turned off at exactly the wrong moment.

    This is not to say there is no alternative. I was excited to collapse my cell phone, Blackberry, and Palm into one device, but not anymore. How am I supposed to go back? Who is going to refund the price of my Treo? Who is going to pay for replacement devices (I sold my old equipment)? Who is going to spend all the time necessary for me to get back up and running on the old systems?

    The answer to all of this is me. I will have to eat the $700 in costs, I will have to eat the wasted time. That is not a reasonable answer to someone who laid out $499 for the device and is spending $90 per month on the service.

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I really can't afford to make up for Sprint's lousy rollout.
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    I guess what it comes down to is what each of our experiences has been. Mine has been somewhat frustrating, but in no way catastrophic like the previous post. Perhaps someday, I'll be ready to pound Sprint into submission!
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    Get Real.
    You want to be on the bleeding edge of technology, but want it all to be served to you on a silver spoon.
    Investment is more than just buying hardware and the agreement to use it.
    Bottom line: either you are part of the problem or part of the problem or part of the solution.
    I'm glad that companies like Sprint are willing to push the edge and have a colaborative means of creating value instead of being a bunch of frightened rabbits, unable and unwilling to make a move on anything that is not %100 proven. Want to have a %100 proven solution? Go to Verison or another old Ma Bell spin-off and wait for us to blaze the trail.
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    Wake up to reality? In my business, when we break something we fix it, we don't ignore it. There is a network problem and Sprint shows no sign of acknowledging it, much less fixing it. No one around here is afraid of problems, we are just sick of the lame attitude toward fixing them. If it worked before, it can work again (one would think).
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