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    I have had my Treo since August and aside from the CS headaches and Fatal Errors I love it. But in the last few weeks I have had nearly all the paint crack and come off my Treo. I use the Handspring belt holster and expected some paint loss where it rubs... but my unit is loosing huge strips on the back and sides. I'm not sure if this qualifies me for a replacement, but it sure looks like crap. I am a bit annoyed as I think it is being caused largely by the manufacturer's holster, and this may show the overall quality of the product. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I have had a similar experience with the Handspring holder. It has stripped, not worn, the back of my Treo. I do NOT use this holder any longer. At $500, it's not what I expected.
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    I got a B&W 180 GSM model last April. Over several months, the paint wore off in many places. Two months before I got my 300, the 180 developed a fatal screen error and, being under warantee, I got it replaced. By this time I had gotten a casetechworks case that hid the damage on the old unit. The new unit, after two months in the casetechworks case still looked like new.
    I believe in signing-up for Sprint's $4/mth equipment replacement plan. If your current unit finally gives way, or if you loose it, the replacement unit will arrive looking like new (refurbs get a new plastic case).
    I also believe that the casetechworks case is a good way to go.
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    Now that I look even closer to the paint that is coming off of the back, it looks like stress fractures on the surface paint. Amost like impact splitting or like torque on the case was causing the splitting. I don't treat with kid gloves compared to the wear and tear my iPaq took. I am just a little dissapointed.
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    I bought the Sprint case and have returned it. It has a cheap little strap that goes over the antenna to hold the unit in place. But when the unit is moved or put in the vertical position the snap come off of the strap. So there goes your TREO on the ground. It has gotten scratched and the paint is also peeling. I now use the Handspring case and even has a small pocket that can accomodate your handsfree set.
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    The Prism paint has reared its ugly head once again...

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