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    So I changed to the 2000 anytime minutes with Unlimited Vision plan some weeks ago. Today I get call from Sprint and a guy tells me "Great news, we are giving you Unlimited Vision service". I'm like "WHAT". And I tell him I already changed my plan. He looks up my information and ALL THEY HAVE ON RECORD IS MY OLD PLAN!!! I hang up on this guy (cause I can't verify if he's really with Sprint and don't want to share any personal information with him). Well I hit *4 on my phone to check my plan and SURE NUFF it's the old plan.

    I'm on hold waiting to talk with Sprint now, but I'd advise everyone to verify their plan was changed if they switched.
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    OK, so I speak with a Sprint Representative. They tell me they have no record of me ever making a plan change request. It would not have kicked in until my next billing cycle (11/15) anyway, but they had no record of me ever asking to change my plan.

    So I AGAIN requested to change my plan to the 2000 Anytime Minutes + Unlimited Vision for $85 a month. They "told me" that the change is in their system and will go into effect when my next billing cycle starts on 11/15. So I asked for them to send me confirmation in writting (e-mail, fax). They said they can't send me anything in writting right now and I'd have to wait to see it in my next bill. So by this time I'm all PISSED OFF and ask to speak to a manager. Still gets me nowhere in regards to getting something in writting. The manager just confirms my plan will be changed and gives me her ID number, which I guess is suppose to make me feel better.....

    If they mess up, don't change my plan and overcharge me I'm going to be ONE PISSED PUPPY!!!
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    Welcome to Sprint.

    When they had just 2G, they were bearable....
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    It's pretty easy to tell if they actually changed your plan for the next billing cycle. If you attempt to check your usage online or through *4 you won't be able to. Now, what the plan will be, and how much they charge.... you will have to wait to see.
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    IMHO, when their website is up, which it has been quite regularly lately, I think you are always better off checking and/or changing your plan with your own eyes, keyboard and printer from this website:

    rather than relying on a conversation by phone.


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    Not eveyone at SPCS is an *****, for sure. I may be the ***** who got saved from further grief on the plan-change issue because somebody at SPCS was more on the ball than I was.

    On 10/19, right after SPCS went "unlimited date" with its Vision plans, I went to the Manage portion of the Vision web site to change to an unlimited plan. I followed the instructions and changed to a 300 minutes-anytime-voice, unlimited Vision, plan (I don't yaddayadda much). Or so I thought. I printed out the plan-change confirmation and filed it away.

    Yesterday I got a call (on my Treo 300) from a very pleasant fellow at SPCS asking if I had intended to change to a voice-only, no-Vision plan. I said "no", that I thought I had changed to an unlimited Vision plan on 10/19. He said that I had changed to a voice-only plan but that he would put me on a Vision plan effective with the start of next billing period, which would have been the effective date of my (unwanted) change to a voice-only plan. I pulled out the confirmation page I printed and filed on 10/19 and saw (for the first time) that it doesn't say anything about Vision at all, just voice minutes.

    So, either SPCS and I share the blame for the mixup (their web site translated my choice of a new Vision plan into a voice-only plan and I failed to notice) or the screwup is all mine, if I somehow managed to ignore the Vision plan section of the page and specified a voice-only plan. Either way, SPCS deserves credit for noting the inconsistency of a Treo 300 owner going to a no-Vision plan, and calling me to confirm what I wanted.

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