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    Hi - I purchased AOL3 for my handspring prism yesterday. I am using a xircom 802.11 module to accesss our wireless hub. I can log into AOL with some of my screen names but some of them give me the error "Snac not handled". I've tried logging on from the desktop and those screen names work fine....any ideas?

    Also, when I log on with one of the screen names that does work and try to access news or weather, I get a message saying I need web clipping software. What additional do I need to have installed on my Visor? I do have Blazer 2.0 on my Visor also.

    Thanks for your help.
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    AOL 3.0 works in conjuction with web clippings and the pqa files to access "my AOL". In order for you to view this info you would need to install the webclipping libraries:

    As for yoor other issue, I'm not sure why sorry.
    I use it on the treo 270 and and works great!

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