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    I'm interested in getting a Treo 300. I've been reading these discussions and everyone seems to have a ton of problems with Sprint customer service. I'm a pretty technology savvy guy, so I'm ready for any issues w/ the 300. When set up correctly, is this a great phone/ acceptable phone/great pda... or just a horrible phone that offers everything in one device? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    i think the general consensus is that its a great phone and a cool pda.

    right now the biggest issues are customer service (where i agree with you, i'm a little of a techie and i have gotten most of the help i need on this board) and the web connection, which most of us seem to think is just clogged because they have to add capacity as they sell more units.

    i think its great.
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    Have had mine fortwo weeks now and could not be happier with it. Upgraded from a Kyo 6035 on sprint and had zero issues with the setup..... and vision is great. I am posting this on the treo right now as I watch the Buckeyes struggle against the Boilermakers
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    I have had my Treo 300 since August and I love it. I am not all that technically savvy (I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids) but I was able to set mine up and get it running with no problems. I have issues with reception where I live, however, but that is more a local issue. I lose calls a lot and many of them are dropped and it is frustrating. But I love Treo Mail and Treo300SMS and everything works beautifully for me (as long as I can keep that bloody signal). So get one ... you will not be sorry.
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    I have had mine now about 3 weeks. Probably one of the best devices I have ever bought.

    Got tired of waitinf for ATT to come out with a Palm/phpne combo.

    Sprint CS has been fine--knock on wood. I was set up abd rolling in about 3 hours.

    I am in the LA area. Coverage is great. Flew to NYC on business--reception and Vision worked great.

    Not a problem to report yet.
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    I agree with the above. The Treo 300 is a great little device. I couldn't be happier with it, despite a few minor glitches which I think is just the nature of the beast when dealing with any new technology.
    In terms of Sprint customer service, I actually have been very satisfied. Like dealing with any large company that employs a large number of people - some of the CSRs are terrible and some of them are great. I don't really think that is a reflection on Sprint so much as a general reflection of American's work habits and the quality of customer service in our country. Some people are lousy employees who don't care very much and don't know what they're doing. But - at least with Sprint, if you do have a problem and it's not resolved - you just hang up and call again - and perhaps again...and finally you get someone who is good and smart and 99.9% of the time they resolve the problem and you end up with a very reasonably priced wireless plan that works great.
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    I think the 80-20 rule applies here. Or maybe the 20-80 rule. The 20% that have big problems voice them here loudly, and rightfully so, as they need help and it can be frustrating getting support from Sprint. But most of us fall into the 80% area (obviously), and the phone is stable and the PDA is great, and there's a ton of Palm apps for it, and being able to get your email all day long is great, and the internet access is great....

    Basically, this tiny device has replaced the 40 lb laptop bag I used to lug through airports to make sure I kept in touch during trips...

    Now, if you are one of the 20% that have problems (and its probably much less than that), you are in for some frustration, but if you are in the majority, you will be wowed!
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    Count me in as a Treo lover. I came over to Sprint and the Treo from Verizon and a Kyo6035. Could NOT be happier. Service is fine, the device is GREAT. Do it - you'll be happy.
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    The treo represents the perfect communicator of the future -- the device that will be imitated. the combination of pda/phone with internet creates something so special that it will set a pattern, a device so important to daily life that people won't want to be wethout it.
    In its present form it is under powered, a bit buggy, and the screen washes out in full daylight. But it's the only game in town right now. You can wait till everything is perfect, or you can own the future now.
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    I also love my Treo 300!

    It is nice to hear positive things about the treo.

    I understand a large part of this board is troubleshooting, but it can get very negative.

    Everyone has to admit this is the only device of its kind and that is cool!

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