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    Hey - I was just on the Sprint Manage site and noticed that they claim a new version of Blazer is downloadable... However, when I click the link (in the lower right corner), I get an error that the page is not available.... Is there a new version?

    My "about" page on Blazer shows 2.1.1!

    Lee Ladisky
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    Lee -

    Go to the "My Plan" section and you should see a Download Software link under the Included SprintPCS Services section.

    You can download version 2.0 of Blazer. I didn't mess with it because, like you said, version 2.1 was on the Treo. I was told that Blazer was built in and you can't delete it or change it anyway.

    In short, I don't have a clue either why that link is on Sprint's page.
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    The Blazer download offered on Sprint's web site is visible to all, not just Treo owners. It was placed there after Sprint started offering the Samsung I300 and the Kyocera smartphone. As neither ships with a decent browser in ROM, they struck a deal with Handspring around the same time as they agreed to help fund Handspring's developement of a CDMA version of the Treo.

    They made it available to all, because some people (like me before they offered smartphones) chose to attach their Palms to their cell phones using a cable, some tape, a little spit and glue, and a lot of swearing.

    As has already been stated on this thread, though, it is at least a version older than what you've already got on your Treo, so don't bother.

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