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    Anyone else get a fatal error when choosing the Edit Speed Dial Button menu item, on the speed dial page of the phone app?

    I have no hacks installed and only some basic extra apps, nothing that messes with the phone book.
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    HELP!!!! I also recently have been getting this error. I simply try to select "Edit speed dial button" on the speed dial front screen and get a fatal exception error that causes the Treo to soft reset! Does anyone have any solutions? I do not get thsi error if I select "Eidt speed dial pages."

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    Does anyone have any suggestions? Anyone!!!!?
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    if you go that route, you need to highlight/select the one you want to choice. If not, it's on the voicemail one by defulat and you can edit it, you get the fatal exception error. Either scroll to the one you want to edit, then select "/ E" or hit "/ F" and go that route, once again, don't do it to the voiucemail one.

    Here is some info, I had the issue yesterday.
    Click Here

    Hope this helps, Matt Burkhard
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    Thanks Burkhardi,

    That cleared up alot of confusion for me!!
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    I have actually had this difficultly for a while, but never tried to solve it. (Doc, it hurts whenever I do this: Then don't do that!). I always figured it was a conflict with something that I have been running (I have a lot of different software running on my Treo, three that hack the SMS feature, it is a wonder my Treo works at all!)

    Even when I am clearly not trying to edit the Voicemail button, /E gives me a fatal exception. I know that, back in the early days before I hacked the Treo to death, it worked fine. It hasn't been important enough for me to back-out all the software and install it one app at a time in order to discover the offending app.

    I suspect it is one of my Treo-specific apps that work as a hack, but that is still a long list. You have Treotools, Button-T, KB Tracker, Treo300SMS, Verichat, TC Ringer, TreoMail, and BusinessConnect. And these are just the ones that seem to install "shims" that may impact other apps. Maybe we could do this by process of elimination. If people that are having the problem, don't have one of these many apps on their Treo, we can cross them off the list until we narrow it down to the one or two that may actually be causing it...
    ...or this could just end up a long pointless thread where everybody vents about software quality! Either way, it serves a purpose.

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